A sophisticated ringtone aggregation platform that is backed by years of research, experience and technology. Our optimization technology and ringtone provider relationships allow us to blend over 100 ringtone provider platforms in over 60 countries. RingtoneMatcher ads reach over 500 million unique visitors per month worldwide. The combination of mass volume ringtone provider deals, proprietary optimization and aggregated ringtone catalogs translate to maximum revenues for our publisher partners that consist of the web's top music destinations.

RingtoneMatcher is the leader in the ringtone space and as reported by Alexa, RingtoneMatcher reaches more users than the 4 largest ringtone providers, combined!

Source: Alexa Source: Alexa

Why use RingtoneMatcher?

Because you can generate additional revenues without impacting earnings from your existing sources such as banners. Our goal is to be the best at doing one thing and that's monetizing music traffic. With years of experience, research and technology all focused at maximizing earnings for music related websites, ToneFuse has become the leader in the space and our competition is far behind.

While ToneFuse provides multiple products, our flagship product is the proprietary ringtone aggregation platform called RingtoneMatcher. RingtoneMatcher is a result of over 3 years of tweaking and countless hours of research for every detail. It is built to squeeze out the most dollars from the most clicks around the world.

Constant Optimization

While our automated optimization systems are always at work, our team always keeps its eyes on the ball for optimal performance.

Monetizing International Traffic

ToneFuse is the primary choice for monetizing US traffic, but coupled with the fact that our publisher partners are generating revenues from traffic in over 35 countries, that's when our results really stand out.

Benefit from Volume

Our ads reach over 500 million unique visitors per month, all in the music category! There is not one company (well, maybe Google) with such massive access to an audience looking for music related content. Our volume helps us negotiate the top payouts. These high payouts are then enhanced through our optimization processes and add up to maximum revenues for our publishers.

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